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Sam Berlow Co-Founder, Publisher
After graduating from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in History, Sam Berlow migrated east to work in the Boston Public Schools. From this rewarding experience, Berlow moved on to become an Apple Education Sales Consultant, and in 1992 joined the Font Bureau as General Manager. Since relocating to Martha’s Vineyard, Berlow consults with designers and continues to oversee day-to-day operations at the Font Bureau.
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Stephen Coles Co-founder, Editor
Stephen is a writer, editor, and typographic consultant who is particularly obsessed with typeface selection and the relationship between font makers and users, frequently advocating for the interests of both groups. After six years at FontShop as a creative director, he now publishes websites like Fonts In Use and Typographica, writes for type foundries, and helps various organizations choose and use fonts. Stephen is author of the book The Anatomy of Type (The Geometry of Type in the UK) and a member of the FontFont TypeBoard. He splits his time between his girlfriend’s home in Berlin and his cat’s home in Oakland.
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Nick Sherman Co-founder, Designer
Nick is a Brooklyn-based typographer working with the Font Bureau. Originally from Cape Cod and Boston, he is also a skateboarder, pizza enthusiast, musician, and classic horror film buff. Nick previously worked at MyFonts, where he overhauled the design and helped organize, curate, and promote the world’s largest collection of fonts. His current projects include Woodtyper, Pizza Rules!, Specimenism, and a personal photo journal.
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Rob Meek Developer
Rob is a creative technologist based in Berlin. He has created a number of typographic tools including FontStruct (for FontShop), the Meek FM typographic synthesizer, and the FontShop CS plugin.

Florian Hardwig Contributor, Assistant Editor
Florian is a full-time typographer, part-time lecturer, and occasional writer. With his Berlin-based studio he shapes books, websites and other publications. Obsessions: handwriting dialects and hand-made signs. Pet peeves: clashing umlauts.
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Indra Kupferschmid Contributor, Assistant Editor
Indra is a typographer and teacher living and working on trains all across Germany. When she is not teaching the secrets of good typography to her students in Saarbrücken, she is involved in book design and other type related projects, DIN committees and discussing type classification. She is co-author of Helvetica forever by Lars Müller Publishers and other typographic reference books. In her spare time she likes to complete her collection of coffee makers or spontaneously join type gatherings all over the world.
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Tânia Raposo Contributor
Tânia is a graphic and type designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area who is passionate about books, food, stamps and cats. She studied at ESAD.CR Caldas da Rainha and KABK in The Hague, where she got her Type & Media Master’s degree. She has shared her love for type and typography through workshops in Portugal, Germany, and the UK.
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André Mora Contributor
While studying writing in Boston, André happened upon a book of rules by a man named Bringhurst. Soon after, he was sneaking into art school libraries and calling foundries on Friday nights. Realizing that magazines were the best playgrounds for typography, he set off on editorial design and worked for O, the Oprah Magazine, Nylon, and then Seattle Met as design director. He lives in Seattle and works as editorial director for Font Bureau.
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Jennifer Kennard Contributor
Jennifer is a designer, writer and educator who has written about books, printing, design, and the culture of typography for Letterology since 2008. Her own design and illustration work has been featured in industry design annuals, journals, and included in the special collections of universities and the Smithsonians’ archives. She taught typography and traditional book design practices to design students for six years at Seattle Central Creative Academy and The School for Visual Concepts. She looks forward to writing and designing some of her own books.
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