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Transposition 1
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According to legend, the Santa Casa, in which Maria received the apparition of the Angel of Annunciation, was relocated from Nazareth to Loreto. In 2009, Swiss artists Davide Cascio and Christian Kathriner developed a work that refers back to this legend. They created two wall carpets for the pilgrimage chapel of Our Lady of Hergiswald—a replica of the Santa Casa.

Transposition presents this temporary spatial installation that at the same time absorbs the opulent decoration of the Baroque chapel of Hergiswald and simultaneously refracts it within contemporary aesthetics.

About the typeface: Rosart is a text typeface designed by Katharina Köhler (and distributed by Camelot Typefaces) based on a specimen by Jacques-François Rosart from 1768. Along the design a comparison with types of Pierre-Simon Fournier and Johan Fleischman was made to distill the idiosyncrasy of Rosart’s letter forms. Originally cut in steel, Rosart is an interpretation from a printed specimen for today’s digital era. Rosart is created to suit the use of today’s graphic design. The glyphs are designed with a modicum of Bézier points as a phenomenon of contemporary type design. Rosart exists in 4 weights in roman and italic.

Davide Cascio / Christian Kathriner: Transposition
ISBN 978–3–944669–41–0, Spector Books
263×361 mm, 100 pages. Languages: German, Italian, English
Selected as one of the Most Beautiful German Books 2016

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Transposition 2
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Transposition 3
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Transposition 4
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Transposition 5
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Transposition 6
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