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Bud Light Lime-a-Rita

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Aug 29th, 2012. Artwork published in 2012.
License: All Rights Reserved.

John Downer, designer of Brothers, discovered his typeface on this adult beverage and was less than satisfied with the application:

The M got uncomfortably pinched between the letters to its left and right.
Too little space remains also between the first two letters in RITA. Why
the Can Designer couldn’t live with my default fitting is a mystery to me.
(Tracking would have been considerably better than senseless kerning.)

1 Comment on “Bud Light Lime-a-Rita”

  1. Nick Sherman says:
    Aug 29th, 2012  2:14 am

    On a related note, I once had a conversation with John about the packaging for McSorley’s Irish Pale Ale, which also uses Brothers. While it isn’t the best use of Brothers, their adaptation of the lettering from the original McSorley’s sign (across the street from Cooper Union) was especially offensive.

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