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Ford Motor Company ads

Contributed by Patch Hofweber on Sep 20th, 2012. Artwork published in .
License: All Rights Reserved.

Seen in Liljeholmen (Stockholm, Sweden)

Ford continuing its wonderful work with Antenna. Webtype has the writeup on their webfont usage.

License: All Rights Reserved.

Seen in Liljeholmen (Stockholm, Sweden)

2 Comments on “Ford Motor Company ads”

  1. Jan 11th, 2016  8:06 am

    Paul asks (sorry your comment was accidentally deleted):

    “What is the name of the font that was used for the original Ford word of the Ford Motor Company?”

    Hi, Paul. Like most logos of that era, the Ford mark is lettering, drawn by hand, not typed with a font. That said, there are some typefaces in that style, such as Casey or Fan Script.

  2. Jan 11th, 2016  8:06 am

    The script logo? That’s not a font, I reckon.

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