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Get Satisfaction website

Contributed by Webtype on Jan 8th, 2013. Artwork published in 2010.

Homepage in the current 2012 design.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Customer service wizards Get Satisfaction uses Benton Sans as webfonts from Webtype.

Get Satisfaction provides community-powered support for more than 40,000 organizations – including tech-saavy companies like Zappos, foursquare, Mint, Nike, and Microsoft.

The new site has a decidely typographic focus with strong hierarchical structures, complemented by a fun circus theme that carries throughout. The typeface doing most of the work is Benton Sans, which adds structure for some of the circus-inspired spot illustrations and typography on the site. The effort spent on things like hanging the quotation marks for pullquotes is evidence that much thought has gone in to the site’s typography.


Website design from 2010

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
License: All Rights Reserved.

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