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When Does Incivility Become Dangerous?

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Oct 24th, 2012. Artwork published in .
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Invitation card to political science alumni for the department’s annual Politics for Lunch lecture in Chicago, IL.

3 Comments on “When Does Incivility Become Dangerous?”

  1. Oct 24th, 2012  12:42 pm

    Weird: In the second line that looks like scratched, the first “I” is the same shape as the last one, rotated and scaled.

  2. Oct 25th, 2012  3:49 am

    Florian: well spotted. That’s Eduardo Recife’s Nail Scratch, adjusted in outlines (but clearly not enough to fool everyone!) to mask the fact that it’s type.

  3. Oct 25th, 2012  2:44 pm

    Now that the secret’s out, I’ve added the typeface tag.

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