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Austere and contemporary, Jigsaw defines this clothing brand.

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jan 20th, 2011. Artwork published in .

Tzegoh is a minimalist clothing line by Singaporean designer Tze Goh. The website, launched earlier this month, is also as minimal as it gets. Each page is merely a paragraph of text and spare, ghostly photography. It’s in this stark landscape that a typeface has the power to set the tone of a brand. For the identity and website, Thomas Manss & Company chose Johanna Biľak’s Jigsaw, one of Typotheque’s lesser-known faces that has been around since 1999 but feels as if it was released yesterday. Contemporary, austere, almost geometric but not mechanically so — it’s the perfect match for Tzegoh’s design.

Jigsaw is used as part of images on the homepage and Opinions pages, but the designers neglected to take advantage of Typotheque’s reasonably priced and easy to use webfont service for other pages, instead opting for a system font, Trebuchet MS. It looks ok, but why not go all the way?

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7 Comments on “Tzegoh”

  1. [...] Combing a simple picture and a single word, with a strategically chosen and placed typeface says more to me than a whole page of words. Tzegoh is a minimalist clothing line by Singaporean designer Tze Goh, their newly launched website embodies everything i love about type and photo combinations. The clean lines, simplicity of the type and soft colors makes even me interested in wearing a foam shirt. You can check out more about the typography and campaign at the fonts in use website. [...]

  2. Here’s another use of Jigsaw.

    By the way, check out their other works, they really got nice, beautiful and interesting stuff there!

  3. I'm impressed by how great it looks here! I suspect the lowercase g is why it doesn't get that much attention, unfortunately. Btw: Typotheque offers three properly hinted webfont( familie)s, and Jigsaw is not one of them.

  4. Frode – I tested Jigsaw with ClearType on and off and thought it performed adequately at the sizes (14px+) required by the site.

  5. A very, very good choice of type face. Cool but not mechanical, soft but not loose. Very peaceful.

  6. Frode - Hi! I'm new to type and just trying to learn by reading and experimenting as much as I can. I kind of wanted to understand why you'd say that the lowercase g was the reason was why this font got less attention. Looking forward to a reply!

  7. I think the beautiful g is a very good reason to use Jigsaw!

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