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The Gun in America (1968, 1998, ?)

Contributed by Florian Hardwig  on Dec 17th, 2012. Artwork published in .
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

In June 1968, the cover story of the TIME magazine was about The Gun in America, featuring a powerful illustration by Roy Lichtenstein. 30 years later, TIME had to resume the discussion. In 2012 – 44 years later – there is still no sufficient gun control in the United States. The title typography may change, the problem remains the same.

(Via @Newmanology)

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Apr 3rd, 2013  2:15 am

    Moral lessons aside, this is an interesting typographic lesson, too. Normally I would moan that Optima is too weak and ambiguous for a topic like this, but these two covers prove that sometimes the typeface isn’t as important as color (the yellow pops!), placement, and simplicity — both typefaces work equally well.

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