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New York Doughnut Map

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Dec 29th, 2012. Artwork published in .
2012-12-29 08-52-12 DSC00603.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.

The New York Doughnut Map, published by All-You-Can-Eat Press, “includes a brief history of doughnuts, and features 35 favorite New York doughnut shops”.

I was unable to identify a few on the many typefaces that were used on the map. If you recognize any of please feel free to share in the comments.

2012-12-29 08-54-33 DSC00608.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.
2012-12-29 08-56-21 DSC00613.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.
2012-12-29 08-57-01 DSC00614.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.
2012-12-29 08-57-18 DSC00615.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.
2012-12-29 08-58-49 DSC00619.jpg
License: All Rights Reserved.

3 Comments on “New York Doughnut Map”

  1. Dec 30th, 2012  5:27 pm

    The script for 'New York’ is (possibly altered/customized) Aktuelle.…

  2. Dec 30th, 2012  5:31 pm

    Credit where it’s due: I only recognized the script because Nick himself recognized it in the Gourdough’s identity.

  3. Rob says:
    Sep 3rd, 2016  7:41 pm

    I love this. Does anyone know what font the word 'Doughnut’ is?

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