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PataMusic – Shohei Amimori

Contributed by Yuu Yamamoto on Oct 15th, 2019. Artwork published in
November 2018
PataMusic – Shohei Amimori 1
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Artwork for Shohei Amimori’s second album PataMusic, released in November 2018 on Noble.

Approaching from various angles the “abstractness of music itself”, this album’s concept is a bold hypothesis that “music does not yet exist? imaginary music? PATA MUSIC”.

Photography by Arata Mino. Illustration, lettering, and typesetting by Yuu Yamamoto, including a custom typeface named Pata (パタ), which was specifically designed for this album. The cover features a combination of illustrations and glyphs from Amarillo USAF (for “PATA”), as well as modified letterforms based on Didot (“MUSIC”). The main text in the booklet is set in Kōchō (光朝) and Didot, with Akko and Gill Sans in supporting roles. The concert promotion uses Yu Gothic and Gill Sans.

PataMusic – Shohei Amimori 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
PataMusic – Shohei Amimori 3
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PataMusic – Shohei Amimori 4
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