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Ramsey Lewis – The Groover album art

Contributed by Ian Lanius on Nov 7th, 2019. Artwork published in .
Ramsey Lewis – The Groover album art 1
Photo: Ian Lanius. License: All Rights Reserved.

Type doesn’t get set this tight on accident.

The Groover is a live album by the Ramsey Lewis Trio which was recorded at the Lighthouse in 1965 at the same performances that produced the album Hang On Ramsey! but not released on the Cadet label until 1972. [Wikipedia]

Ramsey Lewis – The Groover album art 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Bookman




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  1. Nice one! I’ve adjusted the font ID. ITC Bookman wasn’t released before 1975. It’s distinguished from other Bookmans by a “true italic” with cursive forms (round e, monocular a). This is one of the older phototype versions of Bookman with slanted roman letterforms, probably PLINC’s Bookman Italic Swash, see this previous post. It doesn’t seem to match in all details, but keep in mind that there’s always the possibility of manual customization.

  2. Very nice! Saw this cover yesterday on music nerd and Ad Age editor Brian Braiker's IG story. Great addition!

  3. Everything about this typography is superb!

    The Bookman “Th” ligature is my new spirit animal.

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