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Form Follows Function – Flip Clock

Contributed by Stephen Coles  on Jan 29th, 2013. Artwork published in .
Form Follows Function-flip clock 4.png
License: All Rights Reserved.

Form Follows Function is a collection of experiences that demonstrate the power of HTML5. The Flip Clock demo uses Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed as a webfont.

Form Follows Function-flip clock 2.png
License: All Rights Reserved.
Form Follows Function-flip clock.png
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

6 Comments on “Form Follows Function – Flip Clock”

  1. Florian says:
    Jan 29th, 2013  8:13 am
    EditThere is just one little blemish: AG is not licensable as a webfont. And you certainly are not allowed to make your own AG/Legacy medley (as used in other examples).
  2. Jan 29th, 2013  9:15 pm

    True. It seems that designers are still uninformed or confused about webfont licensing. Either that or they just don’t care about breaking the rules. For these numbers he could have legally used something like Fakt, Helvetica, Swiss 721, Univers, Nimbus Sans, or FF DIN.

  3. Jan 30th, 2013  12:22 pm

    I don’t think it’s Berthold’s Akzidenz. This one here is much less straight sided and look at the counters of 6 and 9.

  4. Jan 30th, 2013  1:58 pm

    You are right, Indra, the figures are from somewhere else, or homebrewn. The site uses four webfonts that are all named ‘akzidgrocff’. Three of them are identical to AG, with the Light being a mix of AG for the lowercase, ITC Legacy for most caps, and some bold condensed grot for the figures and A, M, P.

  5. Manu says:
    Mar 2nd, 2013  6:25 pm

    Sure, for me it’s not Berthold’s Akzidenz, or damaged!

  6. Mar 21st, 2015  8:19 pm

    Update 2015: the site now uses Roboto and Oswald. 

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