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Godzilla’s Revenge / War of the Gargantuas U.S. movie poster (Maron Films)

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Jun 25th, 2020. Artwork published in
circa 1971
Godzilla’s Revenge / War of the Gargantuas U.S. movie poster (Maron Films)
Source: Aeron Alfrey. License: All Rights Reserved.

While both film titles on this double feature poster appear to be hand-lettering at first glance, the second one actually is set in a face from Photo-Lettering’s fathomless library. The bold caps that look as if they were coarsely cut from paper are from one of the lesser known designs by Ed Benguiat. It’s shown in Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 2 (1965) as Benguiat Cinema, with many alternates. Daniel Gauthier made a digitization named IrwinAllen (GautFonts, 2004), sadly without giving credit.

Unbelievable … fantastic
2 science-fiction shockers!
Gozilla’s Revenge
See: Prehistoric monsters crawl out of the hidden depths of the earth and take revenge against the living!
War of the Gargantuas
Can a country survive when two Gargantuas battle to the death?
A UPA Productions of America Production. Distributed by Maron Films Limited.

Godzilla’s Revenge is the title of Maron Films’ 1971 U.S. release of All Monsters Attack, (ゴジラ・ミニラ・ガバラ オール怪獣大進撃, lit. “Godzilla, Minilla, and Gabara: All Monsters Attack”) originally released in Japan on December 20, 1969 and distributed by Toho. “The film is often retrospectively considered as one of the worst Godzilla films, although [director Ishirō] Honda had come to consider it as one of his favorites in the series.”

War of the Gargantuas is another a kaiju film directed by Ishirō Honda, known in Japan as フランケンシュタインの怪獣 サンダ対ガイラ (lit.  “Frankenstein’s Monsters: Sanda vs. Gaira) and originally released on July 31, 1966. Maron Films gave it a theatrical release in the United States on July 29, 1970.

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