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Mille Bornes Card Game (1960 Parker Brothers Bilingual Edition)

Contributed by Chris Purcell on Mar 21st, 2013. Artwork published in .
License: All Rights Reserved.

Mille Bornes is a French version of an American card game that’s been around in one version or another for more than a hundred years. The illustrations shown here are from the French edition of 1960, adapted by Parker Brothers in 1962.

There’s a wonderful graphic history of the game here.
License: All Rights Reserved.
License: All Rights Reserved.
License: All Rights Reserved.
Source: © Parker Brothers. License: All Rights Reserved.
Source: Image via Codex 99. License: All Rights Reserved.

5 Comments on “Mille Bornes Card Game (1960 Parker Brothers Bilingual Edition)”

  1. Fonthausen (Jacques Le Bailly) says:
    Mar 22nd, 2013  8:30 am

    I used to play with exactly the same cards as a kid! Brings back good memories.

  2. Nov 28th, 2013  6:23 pm

    I had forgotten how good this game looked. Many hours of playing and contemplating these beautiful designs (instead of concentrating on the game).


  3. Feb 25th, 2014  7:02 am

    See also France’s “Edition Spécial” version of the game.

  4. Jun 16th, 2016  5:11 am


    The combination of the fonts and pictograms is really nice. Now and then.
    I love this version of the Cards and the game very much. As my father did, I now play it with my son.

    Stephy Marzian

  5. Jun 16th, 2016  6:50 am

    Here’s Stephy’s photo of the German version, “1000 Kilometer”. Thanks for sharing!

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