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Bedstuy Records – Promotional Magazine

Contributed by Sascha Timplan  on Jul 28th, 2013. Artwork published in .

This newspaper is one half of my diploma thesis. It presents the fictitious hip hop label Bedstuy which I’ve created over the past six months.

The label represents a lot of different artists whom I like to listen to the most. These artists are split up into three categories: rap (purple), soulful rap (orange) and oldschool rap (green). There is a color code above the logo on the frontpage.

The magazine is divided into three parts. The first part is an illustrative and more magazine-like presentation of different artists. The second part at the end is filled up with all the diverse information about the label, like all signed artist and all releases so far. The third part is not directly visible. On some pages across the magazine you can find photographs taken by street photographers of the late 1970s/early 1980s, including Martha Cooper and Jamel Shabazz. In order to get the whole picture, you need to take out the complete printed sheet. You then will see various pictures interacting with text or other pictures, while reading the newspaper. Once you finished the reading, it is possible for you to have a poster artwork for your wall.

Watch this video to flip through the magazine.

The project is completely fictitious without any chance of being realized in the next years. The newspaper was printed at Newspaper Club.

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