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Linotype: the film

Contributed by Toshi Omagari  on Aug 2nd, 2013. Artwork published in .

The typeface used in the film itself is a straight digitisation of the original Metroblack made by Toshi. This digital version can only be seen in the film and his hard drive. The film also uses Excelsior.

Doug Wilson. License: All Rights Reserved.

Linotype: the film by Doug Wilson was the first use of Metro Nova. He asked the Monotype designer Toshi Omagari to digitize the original Metro for use in the film, which later became a proper revival project, Metro Nova. There seems to be a misunderstanding that the film used Metro Nova (this article for instance), but it used the faithful digitisation of the hot metal Metro for the sake of authenticity. Everything made after the film itself, notably DVD cover and booklet, was set in Metro Nova.


Linotype: the film DVD. The first use of Metro Nova.

Doug Wilson. License: All Rights Reserved.

Not only is the DVD booklet set in Metro Nova, it also contributes a spread to introduce the face.

Doug Wilson. License: All Rights Reserved.

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