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Jüdische Kulturtage

Contributed by Florian Hardwig  on Aug 15th, 2013. Artwork published in .

While the logo on the left is a static image, the text on the right is rendered with webfonts:

Jüdische Kulturtage (“Jewish Culture Days”) makes heavy use of FF Tisa Sans (2011) by Mitja Miklavčič, featuring several of its seven weights as well as Italics and small caps. The program is printed in four colors on newsprint and cleverly avoids halftone type by utilizing cyan and magenta as brand colors. FF Tisa Sans is used for the website, too. There, the typographic range has been reduced to a basic set of four styles.


Posters advertise the Jewish Culture Days in a Berlin subway station.


Cyan is reserved for the secondary language. The English text sometimes is arranged below the German, sometimes next to it.

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  1. Aug 15th, 2013  5:18 pm

    According to William, the typeface used for the Hebrew is Oded Ezer’s Beit Hillel. Thanks for the pointer!

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