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Bit & Spur Southwest Grill

Photo(s) by “matthewbutterick”. Imported from Flickr on Nov 29, 2013.
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by matthewbutterick and tagged with “outwest”. License: All Rights Reserved.

2 Comments on “Bit & Spur Southwest Grill”

  1. Matthew Butterick says:
    Dec 13th, 2013  7:49 pm

    I didn’t actually “contribute” this photo to Fonts in Use.

    Among other reasons, there is no font in use. This is hand-painted lettering that is emulating a font.

  2. Dec 14th, 2013  12:21 pm
    EditWe include examples of lettering that are clearly derived from a font. These are always tagged to indicate that. The contribution line is indeed a little misleading. We’re thinking about how to reword that to show that it’s imported from Flickr by the app and not a direct contribution. That said, happy to remove this if you’d rather it not be part of the Collection. I found it an amusing bit of near LTypI.

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