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Contributed by Vincent le Moign on Dec 11th, 2013. Artwork published in 2012.

Using the Morenita font for the logo, and the Lato font for the subheader

Source: Photo: Vincent le Moign. Webalys. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Vincent le Moign.

Lato perfectly matches the iOS7 style of the Streamline icon collection, especially when using the thinnest font weight. The iOS7 style is based on a thin monolinear style with slighty round corners and a lot of white space inside the icons.

That’s why Lato, with its almost geometric style and a beautiful counterspace and generous aperture was a perfect companion for the icons. A great benefit of using Lato: it’s provided via Google fonts. Most users would have it already downloaded in their browser cache when they visit the website, make it faster to load.

Morenita shares the same monolinear style but adds a retro touch, which is reminiscient of the streamline architectural style from the 1930s.

License: All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Vincent le Moign. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Vincent le Moign.

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