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Berliner GenussWerk

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Dec 30th, 2013. Artwork published in 2013.
Berliner Genusswerk-1.jpg

Berliner GenussWerk (“treat plant) is a newly opened shop on Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg, offering souvenirs, liqueurs and brandywines, fine chocolate and “coffee for connoisseurs”. The store front signage is the first use of Octant that I have spotted in the wild.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to remove the ‘s’ counters in the vinyl-cut logo — cf. the version on the website. The accompanying monolinear slab is similar to a number of typefaces, but I couldn’t find a perfect match yet in regard to the ‘R’ and the numerals.

According to its designer, Octant is “a steampunk humanist serif … inspired by Victorian brass-and-steel engineering as well as blackletter ornamentation”. One can trace how the font came into being on Typophile’s Critique forum. There and also on Typedrawers, Christian Thalmann’s debut was praised for its interesting and inventive letterforms by several experienced type design colleagues.

Berliner Genusswerk-2.jpg
Berliner Genusswerk-3.jpg
Berliner Genusswerk-5.jpg
Berliner Genusswerk-4.jpg

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