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“I Love Letterpress” vintage paper bag

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Jan 18th, 2014.
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

The “Letter-Press” being referenced here is not the method of relief printing commonly associated with the term, but instead a design system of dry transfer lettering, much like the better-known Letraset rubdown sheets.

8 Comments on ““I Love Letterpress” vintage paper bag”

  1. Jan 18th, 2014  10:19 am

    “I LOVE” looks like a relative of Robert Trogman’s Roberta or Klinkhardt’s Tip-Top.

  2. Nick Sherman says:
    Jan 18th, 2014  5:02 pm

    Yeah, there are some old Photo-Lettering faces that are also similar, but I couldn’t find an exact match.

  3. Jan 19th, 2014  9:35 pm

    I found an exact match for it in an old Mecanorma catalog, a face called Poster. Whether that’s the original name or not, hard to say.

  4. Jan 19th, 2014  9:38 pm

    Actually, that’s probably it. Normatone and Normacolor were products of Mecanorma, along with Normatype. Maybe Letter-Press was an earlier trade name?

  5. Nick Sherman says:
    Jan 19th, 2014  10:23 pm

    Thanks for the ID Mark! I figured if anyone would be abe to track it down it’d be you. I’ve updated the font list accordingly.

  6. Jan 20th, 2014  4:59 am

    Add another to the list of “grr” moments produced from seeing a great image available only in low-res Instagram format.

    Thanks for helping out, Mark! Which Mecanorma catalog do you have? I just snagged Graphic Book 14.

  7. Jan 22nd, 2014  5:21 am

    I have a 1975 edition (gray cover).

  8. Dec 8th, 2014  9:54 am

    Mecanorma Poster was revived as Jimi. One of the similar Photo-Lettering faces mentioned by Nick is Benguiat Laurent.

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