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Centrum Par

Contributed by Jan Myślnik on Aug 3rd, 2015. Artwork published in
circa January 2013
License: All Rights Reserved.

Straightforward, bright and warm design based on Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic.

This is a website of a Warsaw-based psychotherapy office dedicated to couples and marriages seeking ways to develop their relationship. Marital and couples psychotherapy is conducted by two psychotherapists – a man and a woman.

The project of Agnieszka Serafin and Mikołaj Czyż (who are also authors of PP and MC websites both published at Fonts in Use).

License: All Rights Reserved.
License: All Rights Reserved.
Source: © 2012-2013 Centrum Par / Psychoterapia Małżeńska. License: All Rights Reserved.

2 Comments on “Centrum Par”

  1. Muzzler says:
    Aug 4th, 2015  10:21 am

    What’s that, Typographic Normcore?

  2. Tonka says:
    Jun 17th, 2016  9:00 am

    Lato is cool, It has good readability and communicates great. The website has very balanced design too, but nothing attractive – just good communication. Hence Muzzler describes it as a Typographic Normcore.

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