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10 Commandments of the 21st Century

Contributed by Michael Murphy on Aug 11th, 2015. Artwork published in
circa February 2015
    10 Commandments of the 21st Century
    Source: Photo: Michael Murphy. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Michael Murphy.

    A poster based on the lyrics from the Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip song “Thou Shalt Always Kill”.


    • Proxima Nova




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    4 Comments on “10 Commandments of the 21st Century”

    1. You might want to rethink the decision to justify those short unhyphenated lines. Also, why put emphasis on the part that is always the same (“Thou shalt”)?

    2. Hi Florian

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yeah the justification was a bit of a pain, I did try it with left alignment but I didn’t like it all. The grids looked off.

      In regards to the Thou Shalt, if you listen to the song most of the lines of the song actually start with this so left it in as thought it was appropriate when making the poster.

      Thanks again


    3. Todd Richardson says:
      Aug 12th, 2015 3:07 pm

      It’s “Syd” Barrett, not “Sid”.

    4. Thanks Todd. Have now changed it :)

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