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Festival Olympique 1976

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Nov 24th, 2015. Artwork published in
September 1976
    Source: © Grapus. Cote Archives d’Aubervilliers : 10Fi682. License: All Rights Reserved.

    9 septembre 1976 à 20h / Île-des-Vannes / Saint-Ouen / avec les athlètes de Bulgarie, Cuba, … / sous le patronage du journal l’Humanité / FSGT Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail

    This poster for an international labour sporting event was designed by Grapus, using Glowworm, a typeface created by the Polish designer Bogdan Żochowski for Mecanorma, the French Letraset competitor. Glowworm predates the slicker and better-known Frankfurter Highlight (Letraset, 1978) by a few years.

    Posted in memory of Pierre Bernard (1942–2015), co-founder of the Grapus collective, and one of France’s most prominent graphic artists. See more of the many posters designed by Grapus between 1970 and 1990 at the Archives communales d’Aubervilliers, and read Rick Poynor’s interview with Bernard (Eye magazine, 1991).


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