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Esquire’s Big Watch Book, issue 1

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Nov 27th, 2015. Artwork published in
October 2015
    Esquire’s Big Watch Book, issue 1 1
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Esquire, Britain’s most sophisticated men’s magazine, is launching its standalone new brand, The Big Watch Book, with an exclusive Harrods partnership.” —

    The publication comes in six collectable covers, with the title set in Noe Display Bold (Schick Toikka, 2013).

    Esquire’s Big Watch Book, issue 1 2
    Source: (cropped). License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Noe Display
    • GT Cinetype




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    3 Comments on “Esquire’s Big Watch Book, issue 1”

    1. Nov 27th, 2015  4:15 pm

      The other typeface looks a lot like GT Cinetype.…

    2. Nov 27th, 2015  4:33 pm

      Is the unidentified type maybe GT Cinetype?

    3. Nov 27th, 2015  10:01 pm

      Alberto, Love — yes, that’s the one, thank you. Added.

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