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“T-Party” ad by T-Bells by Contur Casuals

Photo(s) by SenseiAlan. Imported from Flickr on Dec 7, 2015. Artwork published in
October 1970
“T-Party” ad by T-Bells by Contur Casuals
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by SenseiAlan and tagged with “optex”. License: CC BY.

Ad for T-Bells denim and rayon slacks. Appeared in Playboy, October 1970.


  • Prismania & Prink
  • Stromberg Graphic
  • Univers
  • Optima




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6 Comments on ““T-Party” ad by T-Bells by Contur Casuals”

  1. The thin-thick style looks a lot like Optex, but it actually seems to be one of the many styles of Headliners’ Prismania — maybe 6 (or F) — with round alternates.

  2. Yes! Thanks for catching this. I added a little bit to the Prismania bio including a mention of the ethereal Prismaset.

  3. The Contur Slacks logo is set in Stromberg Graphic.

  4. Good eye, added.

  5. Maybe Univers is used for the body copy, chances are it was written using an IBM Selectric – did I guess it right?

  6. Hi Jay, Univers is correct. The IBM adaptation is characterized by (too) narrow proportions for e, g, s – I’m not seeing that here.

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