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Le Pain Quotidien Label

Photo(s) by “FontShop”. Imported from Flickr on Jan 9, 2012.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr and tagged with “ffinfo” and “ffinfodisplay”. License: CC BY.


    • FF Info Display



    3 Comments on “Le Pain Quotidien Label”

    1. erik spiekermann says:
      Dec 16th, 2012  10:23 pm

      This is FF Info Text, not Display. The i has no serif on the Text version (and there is a double-decker g)

    2. erik spiekermann says:
      Dec 16th, 2012  10:25 pm

      Actually, it could be Display, but with the alternate i. Or Text with the alternate l.

      Confusing, even for myself. With OpenType, we just leave in the shapes we cannot make our minds up about.

    3. Dec 17th, 2012  7:52 pm

      Erik – I think perhaps the character set changed in the migration from PS/TT to OpenType. This is probably a legacy version of FF Info.

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