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“Je suis un ours!” poster

Photo(s) by Ampersanden. Imported from Flickr on Aug 11, 2016. Artwork published in .
“Je suis un ours!” poster 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Ampersanden and tagged with “alarm”. License: CC BY-NC.

“I’m a bear!” Poster typeset and printed by Ampersanden, inspired by Flaubert, using a wood type version of Alarm, designed by Heinz König and issued by J.D. Trennert & Sohn in 1928.

“Je suis un ours!” poster 2
Source: Ampersanden. License: CC BY-NC.


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  1. Ampersanden’s wooden poster cut (9 or 10 cicero) of Alarm is even cruder than the already quite coarse metal version that is depicted in the card index by Verein der Schriftgießereien [Hans Reichardt: Bleisatzschriften des 20. Jahrhunderts]. It is also more condensed.

    Another showing [Devroye] features narrow alternates for ‘S’ and ‘s’.

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