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Buckley’s Heroes

Contributed by Nigel Smith on Aug 22nd, 2016. Artwork published in .
    Source: Photo: Nigel Smith. Transformer. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Nigel Smith.

    Buckley’s Heroes is a publication designed to celebrate the rich history, many achievements and clever people — past and present — that make Buckley Systems the successful company it is today. Having recently rolled out a bold new visual identity, this brand book aims to fill the large, tight-knit workforce with a sense of belonging, pride and unity.

    Buckley’s Heroes tells true stories of the company’s beginnings about overcoming adversity and seemingly impossible challenges with sheer grit and innovation, each illustrated like vintage annuals from Bill’s youth. Featuring visionary statements, infographics and dramatic product photography, the publication is a unique, fun and visual way to present the brand’s values and commitment to innovation.

    Blending a vintage aesthetic with the bold, contemporary visual identity gives the brand a unique internal visual language that reflects the contrast between the raw heavy engineering workshops and the clean, precision finishing of their highly technical electromagnets. Wire binding electroplated in copper and a textured hardcover with foiled detailing echo the materials used in electromagnet production and give the book a tactile quality.

    License: All Rights Reserved.
    Photo: Nigel Smith. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Nigel Smith.
    License: All Rights Reserved.
    License: All Rights Reserved.
    License: All Rights Reserved.


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