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Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer and manual

Photo(s) by “Corey Holms”. Imported from Flickr on Sep 11, 2016. Artwork published in
circa 1980
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Corey Holms and tagged with “stop”. License: CC BY-NC-ND.
    Source: Speculos. License: CC BY.
    Source: Photo by Corey Holms. License: CC BY-NC-ND.


    • Stop
    • American Uncial
    • Chelmsford



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    7 Comments on “Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer and manual”

    1. Oct 3rd, 2016  4:55 pm

      This is great (and I like synths, too), but I have to point out that it’s not really Optima, but a knock-off called Chelmsford, produced by Addressograph-Multigraph (AM) in the seventies for their phototypesetting machines. I can always spot it because of the stroke extension at the top of the cap A. Other identifying marks are a stroke extending to the inside of the cap Q and different quote marks. It disappeared with the rise of desktop publishing.

      Also, something you don’t really see anymore that used to be quite common is the use of a tilde as a hyphen (on Pro-One here). I think it was from people using rub-down type (and maybe headline setters) who thought it looked cooler than a normal hyphen.

    2. Oct 3rd, 2016  5:40 pm

      Thanks, Mark! I also couldn’t ID the face used for the text in this manual. Corey posted more photos.

    3. Oct 3rd, 2016  6:45 pm

      I’ve seen it before, but I’m not sure what it is either. I think it may be from some kind of strike-on typesetter or proportional typewriter. I have an old Varityper brochure, but it doesn’t show all the styles available, and not this one.

    4. Oct 3rd, 2016  7:30 pm

      Wasn’t sure I had it, but I found a copy of an AM specimen booklet from 1976 in my archives. It shows a sample of Chelmsford at about 12pt.:

      AM Chelmsford (Optima clone), specimen from 1976

      One difference I’d forgotten about is the hook on the lowercase y. I have never been a big fan of Optima, but I hated what they did to it.

    5. Oct 3rd, 2016  9:11 pm

      Thanks, Mark!

      This iniquity was digitized as Chlmsford [sic] by The Font Company in 1990 — with that ‘A’ and ‘y’, but a more faithful ‘Q’. Devroye credits it to URW. URW++ still sells a variation for engraving named DTC Chelmsford 4-line, made by Volker Schnebel in 1995.

    6. Oct 4th, 2016  3:05 pm

      There is a trucking company in my area called Quast that used it for their logo for a long time. All caps, so you got two of the offending glyphs in it.…

      It would make me a little annoyed whenever I saw it.

    7. Dec 8th, 2016  6:36 pm

      Mark, is the text serif from this manual in your AM catalog too?

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