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Triple Canopy #23: Vanitas

Contributed by on Oct 9th, 2016. Artwork published in
circa September 2016
Triple Canopy #23: Vanitas 1
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“In an age defined by extremes of finitude and excess, deprivation and luxury, what is vanity? How do we register our own transitoriness even as we strive against decay and senescence, by way of cryogenics labs, biotechnology innovations, spa treatments, and the hoarding of material goods and digital files? This issue explores contemporary meditations on mortality as well as the delights, delusions, and pressures of fleshly existence, and ranges from the much-heralded “end of death” to collective processes of aging to the pursuit of impossible—or nearly impossible—forms of beauty. The name is taken from the opulent, hyperrealist still lifes popularized by Dutch and Flemish painters in the seventeenth century, which symbolize the brevity of human life and essential emptiness of earthly pursuits, even as they advertise the artist’s ability to fix time. These paradoxical images prompt us to consider how and why we strive to overcome death while reminding us of our certain mortality. The identity for Vanitas was designed in collaboration with Olya Domoradova of Werkplaats Typografie. The typeface, gc16, was designed by Bold-Decisions.” Issue No. 23: Vanitas

Triple Canopy is a magazine based in New York. Since 2007, Triple Canopy has advanced a model for publication that encompasses digital works of art and literature, public conversations, exhibitions, and books.”

Triple Canopy #23: Vanitas 2
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  • gc16
  • Archivo
  • Crimson




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