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Indians of the United States

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Apr 20th, 2012. Artwork published in
circa 1967
    Indians of the United States
    License: All Rights Reserved.





    9 Comments on “Indians of the United States

    1. Is that Times and Franklin Gothic as well on there?

    2. Close! Century Expanded and Franklin Gothic.

    3. Is there somethere that outlines the differences or history between Times and Century Expanded?

    4. Looking my Encyclopedia of Typefaces, I would suggust it is actually Century Old Style – the Expanded italic is quite different.

    5. No digital interpretation will be an exact match but Bitstream’s Century Expanded Bold Italic seems to fit.

    6. I agree, so what is going on with this metal version?

      Photo of metal Century Gothic Expanded

    7. Looks like the bold italic is missing from that book.

    8. This seems to be ATF’s Century Bold Italic, Century Old Style Bold Italic looks quite different and there was no Century Expanded Bold Italic in metal type, only regular weights, (at least not from ATF in foundry type). Bitstream might have just merged it all into one family under that name when they digitized it.
    9. Thank you, Indra. That explains it. Often a conundrum what to show here when a “straight” digital revival isn’t available. I’ll change the tag.

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