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Criminology by Robert H. Gault

Contributed by Ian Lanius on Oct 12th, 2016.
    Photo: Ian Lanius. License: All Rights Reserved.

    I’m pretty sure the main typeface here is Balloon, but this book was published in 1932 and Balloon was designed in 1939.

    Any thoughts?


    • Balloon
    • Futura



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    2 Comments on “Criminology by Robert H. Gault”

    1. Oct 12th, 2016  7:40 pm

      The title positively is in Balloon Extra Bold, and this typeface family indeed was first issued by ATF in 1939. The most likely explanation is that, although Criminology was first published in 1932, this image shows a later edition, with an updated jacket design. Is there any information about the edition and printing within the book?

    2. Ian Lanius says:
      Oct 12th, 2016  7:58 pm

      This is the only information on the copyright page, so it looks like a first edition to me. The only think I can think of is that the dust jacket was replaced at some point with the jacket from a newer edition.

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