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Hillary Clinton campaign plane “Stronger Together”

Contributed by Axl Gamez González on Nov 15th, 2016. Artwork published in .
    599663758 copy.jpg
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Boeing 737 plane was probably one of the biggest applications of Sharp Slab and Sharp Unity as part of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. The latter is a custom version of Sharp Sans, which is inspired by ITC Avant Garde Gothic. The former is a slab serif spin-off (and no, it is not the same typeface as ITC Lubalin Graph as used for the Trump Tower sign). Read more about the Sharp Type’s custom work for the campaign identity in a case study on their website. See also the older post about the website and the logo.

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Andrew Harnik/AP Photo. License: All Rights Reserved.


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    • Sharp Slab




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    1. Luke Freeman says:
      Nov 16th, 2016  1:13 am

      Not sure if this could help with the unavailable sample

    2. Nov 16th, 2016  5:02 am

      Yep, the article links to Sharp Type’s page on the project. We’ll add samples soon.

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