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Going Down Swinging magazine, issue 37

Contributed by Gareth Hague on Dec 12th, 2016. Artwork published in .
    Source: Matt Tambellini. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Going Down Swinging:

    The latest edition of Going Down Swinging brings you the fierce talent of forty incredible writers.

    Up-and-coming or proven, they’ll sweep you into the studios of Kurdish artists, lose you in the sprawling subway of Mexico City and have you squinting through the ochre dust-haze of Australia’s red centre. Brace for big losses, broken nostalgia, weird romances and clear-eyed discovery.

    Sabre’s ‘graphic, rather than typographic’ design takes reference from stone-carved lettering, also the idea of letters constructed from a set of component shapes, connected at a sharp point. It is used here at headline and text size, mixed with various serif and sans serif types.

    Source: Matt Tambellini. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: Matt Tambellini. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: Matt Tambellini. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Sabre
    • Gill Facia
    • Literaturnaya
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    1. Dec 12th, 2016  10:56 pm

      I wonder what happened to the spacing of the ‘gi’ pair on the cover. This is not how Sabre is kerned, and the “Missing the gig” spread shows proper spacing. If not the typesetter, perhaps Adobe “Optical Spacing” is to blame?

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