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Das Rad (1972) book cover

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jan 8th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Source: Image via Klaus Kleinmann, Kalkar, Germany. License: All Rights Reserved.

    (The Bike)


    • Gill Kayo
    • Gill Sans



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    3 Comments on “Das Rad (1972) book cover”

    1. Blythwood says:
      Jan 8th, 2017  9:04 pm

      The text at the bottom looks like one of the weird phototypesetting variants of Gill Sans floating around at this time with a boosted x-height and tightened spacing. (I believe Chantilly Serial may be a descendant of these.)

    2. Jan 9th, 2017  8:17 am

      Or it’s just Extra Bold.

    3. Blythwood says:
      Nov 9th, 2017  10:42 pm

      Oops. I had clearly excised the horror from my memory.

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