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Magno Sound & Video and Magno Video logos

Contributed by Ian Lanius on Jan 25th, 2017. Artwork published in
circa 1985
    Photo: Ian Lanius. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Ian Lanius.

    To me, this Magno Sound & Video logo is a quintessential use of Microgramma. Paired with a Midtown Manhattan address set in Helvetica, it gives me the feeling that there’s something cool, exclusive, expensive and high-tech behind that label. Visions of woodgrain and brushed metal. The waveform in the O is a great addition.

    Photo: Ian Lanius. License: All Rights Reserved. Artwork by Ian Lanius.

    The Magno Video logo, however, is a completely different look. More of a feathered hair and satin jacket vibe. It’s very similar to the Original New York Seltzer label design from 1981. I originally suspected that the address was set in Cooper Black Italic, but that’s not the case. Any help in identifying would be welcome.


    • Microgramma
    • Helvetica
    • Broadway Engraved
    • ITC Garamond




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    2 Comments on “Magno Sound & Video and Magno Video logos”

    1. Jan 25th, 2017  9:25 am

      Microgramma/Eurostile is woodgrain and brushed metal, indeed.

      The Video address is a blurry ITC Garamond Ultra Italic.

    2. Ian Lanius says:
      Jan 25th, 2017  8:56 pm

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