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Haus der Kunst

Contributed by J. Siebein on May 9th, 2012. Artwork published in .
    Source: ©BASE DESIGN, by Fabian Jean Villanueva. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Signage of Haus der Kunst in Munich

    “Based on the idea of elasticity, BASE DESIGN’s proposal for Haus der Kunst elaborated a concept that focused on the qualities of flexibility, resilience, and adaptability. The visual system that the agency introduced to the museum’s staff is initially founded on a morphing wordmark with irregular spacing inside the letters, which in turn seeks to address the strong Neoclassical features of the architecture through the malleability of the identity system.

    As BASE DESIGN says, while “the building’s facade is not elastic at all, reflected by the (deceptively) fixed start position of the living logo, this rigidity evaporates as soon as the logo starts moving, symbolizing Haus der Kunst‘s flexible and adventurous programming.” The design therefore emphasizes the dynamic programming of contemporary art presented in all its different formats. The new visual system developed for Haus der Kunst is thus like an elastic band.

    According to Haus der Kunst director Okwui Enwezor: “The relationship between form and content, between a solid, unyielding shell outside and the greatest elasticity inside, is what should characterize the work of Haus der Kunst.”

    The agency’s proposal for Haus der Kunst includes three key ideas:
    - It portrays Haus der Kunst as a “Curiosity Sherpa” that will guide an eclectic audience through a wide variety of cultural fields.
    - A tagline, “Stretch your view”, which will serve as an invitation to discover, as well as an expression of the philosophy and curatorial process championed by Haus der Kunst.
    - The concept of a “container” aims at grouping all sorts of artifacts and cultural manifestations together and triggering interactions.

    The new visual system includes a completely redesigned website and a new navigational system, and aims to bring both the container and elasticity ideas into constructive tension. The concept of the container will be directly applied to the structure of the website. This will be a cornerstone of Haus der Kunst’s expansion of its relationship with its global audience.” Text by BASE DESIGN


    LL Brown is designed by Aurèle Sack and published at

    Source: ©BASE DESIGN, by Fabian Jean Villanueva. License: All Rights Reserved.


    Source: ©BASE DESIGN, by Fabian Jean Villanueva. License: All Rights Reserved.


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