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Visual Graphics Corp. film font box

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Feb 25th, 2017. Artwork published in
circa 1988
    Source: Photo by Grant Hutchinson.

    Grant Hutchinson:

    A box of phototypositor film manufactured by Visual Graphics Corporation. This was one of dozens of filmstrips that were purchased in early 1989 to digitize for the Image Club Typeface Library. Several years ago, someone tossed out a Macintosh Plus box that contained most of the film that we used for the library. I have three of these boxes left, which just happen to be fonts that were never digitized.

    Here’s some of the film out of the box.

    The bi-line VGC logo appears to be inspired by Kabel.


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    1. Feb 26th, 2017  12:04 am

      The bi-line VGC logo goes back at least to 1975, when it was shown in U&lc, vol. 2, no. 2. The nameplate of the Photo Typositor 3000, which was introduced around that time, uses a very similar typeface, Skin & Bones. Although this typeface comes with a number of alternates incl. a Kabel-like ‘g’, it is not a direct match for the letterforms in the VGC logo.

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