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Rush – Counterparts album art

Contributed by Stephan Peters on Apr 2nd, 2017. Artwork published in
October 1993
Rush – Counterparts album art
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Counterparts is the band’s 15th studio album, released on October 19, 1993.

Counterparts shows Rush returning to its guitar/bass/drum foundation, and becoming less dependent on synths and technology. This can be heard throughout, from the songwriting, to the performance, to the production. Counterparts also marks the return of co-producer Peter Collins, who produced Power Windows and Hold Your Fire before Rupert Hine stepped in and co-produced Presto and Roll The Bones.

The term ‘counterparts’ is described as both “duplicate” and “opposite” – a definition that so intrigued Neil that he contemplated to himself:

“…considered in this way, contraries are reflections of each other, and not necessarily contradictions.”

Instrumental track “Leave That Thing Alone” earned a Grammy nomination for “Best Instrumental”.


  • Cartier




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5 Comments on “Rush – Counterparts album art”

  1. I’m not certain this is Fairbank (either Chancery or Swash) as the curved strokes connect to stems smoothly, while Fairbank’s stab into the stems.

  2. I believe this is Cartier Italic, which is quite appopriate for Rush, as it is a quintessentially Canadian typeface!

  3. Formidable sleuthing, Stewf! The original Cartier Italic is quite different from Rod McDonald’s digital Cartier Book (2005). Here’s the glyph overview from a specimen by the Mono Lino Typesetting company, courtesy of the Klingspor-Museum:

    Cartier was also available from Photo-Lettering and Compugraphic.

  4. I agree. This was also part of the Counterparts album art.…

  5. Sami Artur Mandelbaum says:
    Jun 5th, 2019 9:56 pm

    There is also a version of Miles Inc, Cartier CG, from Agfa Cornerstone Collection from 1993. This version is very similar with the original version.

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