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Offscreen #16

Contributed by Love Lagerkvist on Apr 19th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Offscreen #16 1
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    Offscreen is the one-man magazine by Kai Brach that chronicles the people behind the tech world. For #16, it went through a complete redesign and is now set completely in Robert Slimbach’s neo-grotesk Acumin. Brach chronicles the choice of type in a nice blogpost:

    After I ran several rounds of test prints, it impressed more and more. Offscreen is a very small, book-ish magazine, so the typeface has to perform in relatively small, compact spaces. Acumin scales beautifully, no matter the font size. Since I’m an Adobe Typekit user it was easy to test Acumin’s webfonts extensively too, and again, it performed amazingly well on screen.


    What’s also nice about Acumin is that it hasn’t become a the go-to typeface for every new magazine or startup yet. I tend to come across the same ten typefaces in so many magazines and websites these days, but Acumin hardly ever makes an appearance.

    Offscreen #16 2
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    Offscreen #16 3
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    Offscreen #16 4
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    Offscreen #16 5
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    Offscreen #16 6
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    1. Huh, I’ve never looked at Acumin in extensive use before. Now it does feel like it’s some sort of Helvetica that makes sense.

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