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Glam Rocks – Hand Painted Pebbles / Hair Braids

Photo(s) by Birmingham Phil. Imported from Flickr on Apr 24, 2017.
Glam Rocks – Hand Painted Pebbles / Hair Braids 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Birmingham Phil and tagged with “zebrawood”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Found walking around Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Glam Rocks – Hand Painted Pebbles / Hair Braids 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Romantiques No. 2 / Carnival
  • Curlz



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2 Comments on “Glam Rocks – Hand Painted Pebbles / Hair Braids”

  1. A perfect example for our tag “lettering derived from typeface”, a.ka. Fonts in Indirect Use! Isn’t it adorable how the fonts were painstakingly emulated by hand? Zebrawood is a revival of chromatic 19th century wood type. Curlz is the epitomization of 1990s party invitation typography created in Microsoft Office. Here the typeface that was too often picked by amateurs for its fake hand-made look comes full circle, and is no longer cheesy. Fun fact: Carl Crossgrove was involved in the design of both fonts.

  2. Correction: The decorated caps with the bifurcated serifs are not modeled after Adobe’s Zebrawood (top, 1994). They are closer to the historic model, see Romantiques No. 2 / Carnival.

    Rodeo Clown (middle) is another digital interpretation of this model, made by Michael Hagemann of FontMesa in 2004, but it is also slightly different, see e.g. the right leg of ‘R’, or the open counter in ‘A’. Among digital fonts, the freebie Dolphin (bottom, expanded by FontBank as Dorothy) comes closest in this regard.

    Related designs are shown in Specimens of chromatic wood type, borders, etc. manufactured by Wm. H. Page & Co. (1874) as “Chromatic Doric Ornamented”.

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