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The Star Wars Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie

Contributed by Patrick Concannon on Jun 13th, 2017. Artwork published in
December 1977
    Source: KlaatuCarpenter. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Portfolio envelope, front cover

    Carree halbfett (bold) from the Carree type family designed by Georg Salden, which is available digitally from TypeManufactur. See images from the interior in KlaatuCarpenter’s Flickr album.

    Source: KlaatuCarpenter. License: All Rights Reserved.


    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Portfolio envelope, back cover


    • Angular (VGC)




    Artwork location

    2 Comments on “The Star Wars Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie”

    1. Martin Teply says:
      Feb 6th, 2018  1:52 pm

      The Carree font is based on the actual font used, Angular, by Georg Salden in 1969. The B’s, C’s and J’s in Angular do not match those in Carree.

    2. Feb 7th, 2018  9:09 am

      That’s correct, Martin, thanks! I have changed the typeface credit to the original name, Angular. According to TypeManufactur, this face was designed in 1973 and distributed by VGC from c. 1975 on. It is not yet listed in a VGC catalog from 1972. Carree is a revised and expanded version.

    3. Feb 7th, 2018  1:12 pm

      Thank you Martin! I slowly realised there were many discrepancies between digital Carree and the pre-digital some time after I posted this. Did as much digging as I could to uncover Salden’s work but was unable to find a specimen of Angular to confirm that it was the original typeface. Thanks again for the correction.

    4. Feb 7th, 2018  2:04 pm

      Listing circa 1982:

      VGC Angular (Georg Salden)

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