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Modern by Dwell Magazine

Contributed by Balder D. Dysthe on Jun 22nd, 2017. Artwork published in
April 2017
Modern by Dwell Magazine 1
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Target partnered with design & architecture publication Dwell, and co-designers Chris Deam and Nick Dine, to develop a revolutionary home collection titled Modern by Dwell Magazine. The line has been custom-designed for style seekers who want to create a relaxing and welcoming residence with a modern aesthetic, but believe that obtaining this look means having to sacrifice comfort. The new collection features more than 120 items. The range of pieces deliver home decor and furnishings designed to be an integral part of daily life, allowing guests to modernize their home with products that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Target engaged COLLINS to help design a dynamic and modular system to be applied to across the Modern by Dwell Magazine brand, packaging, communications and retail environments. To bring the spirit behind the collection to life, Target & COLLINS drew inspiration from the same modernist ethos that Chris Deam and Nick Dine used to approach the product design.

The original ambition of modernist design was democratic — the goal was to make great design affordable, and not just for the wealthy. This new line by Target and Dwell Magazine speaks to that nascent intention of modernist design — it is the kind of design that’s within reach for everybody. Our shared solution celebrates a deep respect for American modernism, while organizing all of the different elements in an inviting and uplifting manner.

The logo is in an unidentified (custom?) sans serif, vaguely related to the Dwell logo. Other texts are set in roman and italic styles of Mike Abbink’s FF Milo Serif, which is also the main typeface in Dwell magazine.

Modern by Dwell Magazine 2
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  • FF Milo Serif




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