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Ragnar Grippe – Sand

Contributed by Solo Gorge on May 1st, 2018. Artwork published in .
    Ragnar Grippe – Sand
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    Morr Music:

    Since its original release in 1977, Ragnar Grippe’s seminal debut album entitled Sand has been adorned with immense praise and influenced a myriad of ambient musicians and minimalist composers. Grippe’s unique approach of bonding post-modern classical composition into the tape techniques of musique concrète allowed him to be one of the leading experimental electronic musicians of the late 20th century. […]

    Dais Records reissues Sand by Ragnar Grippe on vinyl for the 40th anniversary of its original release in a limited edition 500 copy pressing on clear vinyl featuring new liner notes by the artist.

    The 2015 reissue uses the original cover art from the 1977 Shandar release, with photography and design by André Belleguie. The album title is set in Stack, white against black with a blue accent. The letterforms used for the artist’s name look like a homemade adaptation of Futura, with a flat acute accent (?) on the last letter.


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    3 Comments on “Ragnar Grippe – Sand

    1. May 1st, 2018  1:03 pm

      Apart from Discogs who file the artist under Grippé, with an accent acute, all other sources including Wikipedia and skip the accent. On the back of Sand (as seen on Junksave) Grippé is written with an accent:

    2. May 1st, 2018  1:13 pm

      That’s because Discogs always enters the info in the spelling that is used on the record, no matter if it’s right or wrong. Their canonical entry is without accent.

      I assume the acute ended up there because the sleeve was designed in France.

    3. May 1st, 2018  1:15 pm

      Lost in translation…

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