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Sufferhead Original Stout

Contributed by Christian Thalmann on Jul 31st, 2017. Artwork published in
circa June 2017
Sufferhead Original Stout 1
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The wordmark for this promotional specialty beer is built from the Gryffensee Eins typeface, with minimal adjustments (bending of some straight stems).


Sufferhead Original is a craft beer inspired by the experience of African immigrants living in Europe, especially Germany, and communicates some of the received stereotypes, politics of difference and integration associated with their expatriate fate through the brewing and branding of the beer.

The name ‘Sufferhead’ derives from the 1981 track by Fela Kuti, ‘Original Suffer Head’, in which Fela sings about the deplorable political and economic situation in Nigeria at that time. The 80’s was a decade of mass emigration by Nigerians due to the harsh economic and political situation in the country. The name also plays on the beer’s strength, with a high alcohol by volume (ABV) and the possibility of a suffering head the day after.

Sufferhead Original (Kassel edition) is a documenta 14 project by Emeka Ogboh, and was brewed in collaboration with CraftBEE. It is presented by daBierLab (Das Afrikanische Bier Laboratorium) – “Transmuting the African immigrant in Europe experience into craftbeer, & beer branding campaigns.”

“Who’s afraid of black?” — campaign poster in Kassel

“Once black, always black”

Coasters, bottle openers and other merchandise

The logo was also printed onto glasses.

Sufferhead Original Stout 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Gryffensee
  • Futura
  • Neue Helvetica




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