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Emigre #15: Do You Read Me? (opening spread)

Contributed by Florence Fu on Oct 24th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Source: © Emigre Graphics. Digital capture by Letterform Archive. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Though initially considered “ugly” and hard to read, a beta version of Keedy Sans, initially designed in 1989, was featured in the opening pages of Emigre's issue #15: Do You Read Me?, which tackled age-old questions about why we need new typefaces – but in the new context of digital design.

    Keedy Sans’ unconventional proportions, simultaneously sliced and rounded stems pushed against ideas about legibility and rationality in modern typeface design. The eclectic sans was later picked up and sold through Emigre Fonts, setting an example for experimental typefaces that would follow.

    The small type used for this issue’s colophon and contents is Oakland 6 (1985), one of Zuzana Licko’s many bitmap fonts that were later compiled as Lo-Res.

    Letterform Archive holds Emigre’s complete paper archive, including font catalogs and development files, and a complete run of Emigre magazine.


    • Keedy Sans
    • Lo-Res




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    1. Oct 24th, 2017  7:35 pm

      Was this the first use of Keedy Sans?

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