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Far and Near by Neil Peart

Contributed by Stephan Peters on Aug 22nd, 2017. Artwork published in
October 2014
Far and Near by Neil Peart 1
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

When I picked this book up and started reading it, I was very impressed by the readability of the type (PMN Caecilia), and the layout of the entire book. Hugh Syme designed the cover featuring Mark Simonson’s Mostra, and Tania Craan did all the text design and typesetting.


Whether navigating the backroads of Louisiana or Thuringia, exploring the snowy Quebec woods, or performing onstage at Rush concerts, Neil Peart has stories to tell. His first volume in this series, Far and Away, combined words and images to form an intimate, insightful narrative that won many readers.

Now Far and Near brings together reflections from another three years of an artist’s life as he travels roads and trails, receives honours, climbs mountains, composes and performs music, and celebrates seasons, landscapes, and characters. With passionate insight, wry humour, and an adventurous spirit, once again Peart offers a collection of open letters that take readers on the road, behind the scenes, and into the inner workings of an ever-inquisitive mind.

These popular stories, originally posted on Peart’s website, are now collected and contextualized with a new introduction and conclusion in this beautifully designed collector’s volume.

Far and Near by Neil Peart 2
Photo: Stephan Peters. License: All Rights Reserved.
Far and Near by Neil Peart 3
Photo: Stephan Peters. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Mostra Nuova
  • PMN Caecilia
  • Interstate




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