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Gaines Dog Food packaging proposal

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Sep 3rd, 2017. Artwork published in
circa 1970
Gaines Dog Food packaging proposal
Image: Pecoklick, Alan. “Herb Lubalin”. New York: Rizzoli, 1985. License: All Rights Reserved.

“Prototype for a new package of the oldest product of its kind produced in America. It was rejected by the client.” — Gertrude Snyder and Alan Peckolick, Herb Lubalin, 1985

The top and bottom lines of top use a phototype version of Thorowgood Sans Shaded (probably Photo-Lettering’s Sanserif Shade Blockshadow), a typeface Lubalin used often. Ingredients are listed in Benguiat Buffalo Condensed, though the inconsistency (see ‘S’ in “PLUS”) indicates that it may have been was lettered by hand. PLINC’s catalogs show Buffalo with two ‘A’ variants: without top serif and with left top serif. There may have also been a bilateral top serif as it appears in this design and in House Industries’ digitization.


  • Thorowgood Sans Shaded
  • Benguiat Buffalo




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  1. Here are the alternates for Buffalo Expanded. Found at the back of Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 2.

  2. Hm, your image isn’t showing for me. Can you post it somewhere else?

  3. Fixed. Thank you, Cave! By the way, did you get my mail?

  4. No problem, Florian! I didn’t get your email. Try me at

  5. Thank you for confirming my suspicion about the alt ‘A’s, Cave!

  6. Looks like Donald Roos’s modern Expanded for PLINC/House only includes one alternate for 'A’. It makes that and the alternate 'R’ contextual, which is handy.

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