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Sin City (2005) film posters

Contributed by Love Lagerkvist on Oct 4th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Frank Miller’s logotype for the Sin City comics is iconic, and like the artists of his day, he hand lettered the speech bubbles of his original albums. So when it came time to make it all into a movie of the caliber that is was, one would have thought that more care would have been taken with its promotional material.

    But no, and Comic Sans it was. Then again, this is a use where the typeface makes sense, acutally being, you know, an all capitals comic book style speech bubble.

    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
    License: All Rights Reserved.


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    1 Comment on “Sin City (2005) film posters”

    1. Jim says:
      Oct 11th, 2017  1:47 pm

      The issue here is not with the fact that Comic Sans is used, but the fact that Comic Sans is actually a very bad representation of comic book lettering. If you’re unfamiliar with the medium, sure, it looks bubbly and handwritten, so ‘it’ll do’, but comic book letterers are highly skilled calligraphers (or at least were, back when hand lettering proliferated). Even now, you have type designers like Nate Piekos ( doing some legit, decent comic book lettering as digitised fonts – any of these would be a massive improvement on Comic Sans.

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